Post Semester Checklist


Create a backup copy of your Western Online gradebook

  • Click on Grade Tools in the nav bar and choose Grades.
  • Click Enter Grades.
  • Click the Export button.
  • Under Grade Values check Points grade and Grade Scheme.
  • Choose the User Details that you want.
  • Choose Grades to Export.
  • Click Export to Excel.
  • In the Export Grades window that appears, click the link to download the excel file.

Online final grade reporting

  • Final Grade Reporting is now available online through WIUP on the Web Instructions for accessing WIUP are available at WIUP on the Web is available from 3:00 am to midnight (Central Time) seven days a week.
  • Once you log into WIUP, type GRRP in the display field to access the Final Grade Reporting screen. Please access GRRP and submit your final grades by 12:00 noon Central Time on Monday, December 16, 2013, as access to the Final Grade Reporting screen will be shut off at noon on this date.
  • If final grades are not submitted online by the established University deadline, the Office of the Registrar will assign a temporary grade of Incomplete ("I") and the instructor will need to submit individual change of grade forms for each affected student.
  • Instructions for online Final Grade Reporting are available at Please note that per the University's Password Policy, WIUP on the Web will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity, so you should click the "Submit" button regularly to avoid losing the grade data you have entered.
  • If you have questions regarding final grades, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 298-1891.

Making your Western Online course(s) unavailable to students

  • Find the course in your My Courses widget on the system home page.
  • Click the Pencil icon to the right of the course title. This will take you into the course and to the Course Offering Information page.
  • About half way down the page under Active uncheck Course is Active.
  • Click Save.

Copy content from this semesters course(s) to next semesters course(s)

  • From within your blank course (the course you want to copy the content into) click Edit Course in the nav bar.
  • Click Import / Export / Copy Components under the Site Resources section.
  • Under the What would you like to do? section the Copy Components from Another Org Unit and Include protected resources options will be selected by default. Leave these options selected.
  • Under Course to Copy click the Search for offering button.
  • In the window that pops up select the course you want to copy the content from and click Add Selected.
  • To copy everything in the course click Copy All Components at the bottom.
  • Now all your content has been copied over

To copy only certain items

  • To only copy certain items click Select Components.
  • Select the components you want to copy and click Continue.
  • Click Finish.