Faculty Travel FAQ


When should I apply for a travel award?

Should I claim per diem (meals) or registration costs?

  • The Faculty Travel Award does not cover per diem (meal) expenses. We no longer cover registration costs either.

Are Chairs eligible for the award?

  • No.

Does the paper I present need to be published?

  • No.

What is the maximum award available?

  • $500. You can only receive one award per fiscal year.

How often does the committee meet?

  • Continuously.

I'm presenting next fiscal year. When should I apply?

  • Because of the state budget process, your request may be approved CONTINGENT ON AVAILABLE FUNDS. If the money is not available, the award will not be funded.

How soon do I need to document my trip?

  • You have two weeks to submit documentation of your trip. Otherwise your award could be forfeited.

I'm attending an online conference. Can I get the registration fee covered?

  • No. The funds do not cover any registration fees.

I have to submit a paper to CITR after I return from the conference. What if the paper isn't published?

  • The paper does not have to be published. A "working draft" of the document will suffice to meet the requirement.

I need to buy tickets now for my conference. Can CITR go ahead and reimburse me?

  • CITR will only reimburse your department AFTER the travel has taken place.

Are there any other travel fund resources?

  • Please check with your department and/or dean for additional resources.

Am I eligible to apply if I am receiving an honorarium to present?

  • No.