Master University Instructor Certificate Program

Program Requirements

The program is completed through self-paced online coursework and a series of CITR face-to-face workshops. Participants are required to:

  1. Take the program pre-survey.
  2. Complete the following tasks for each of the four program strands:

    • Meet the requirements for the online course component which includes readings and video resources; lessons; and assessments. Each online component takes approximately one week to complete.
    • Sign up for and attend two face-to-face CITR workshops related to the strand. Each workshop is between 50 to 90 minutes in length. Participants can select workshops of their choice among the many workshops offered each semester.
    • Post a short reflection online.
  3. Submit the following required exit material online:

    • Master University Instructor Certificate checklist
    • Exit survey
    • Professional advancement pedagogy plan

While it is possible to complete the course in a single semester, the program is designed to be flexible enough to allow participants to complete the program over a few semesters.

A certificate of completion will be awarded by CITR at the successful completion of the program. Additionally, those successfully completing the program will be eligible for two (2) PAA points in the area of teaching.