Western Illinois University

Testing Center

With the current pandemic, the Macomb Testing Center will be closed until further notice.

***Seating is limited for finals. You can schedule your exams now!!!***

Macomb Testing Center

The Testing Center is located in Malpass Library, room 184. Students must schedule appointments.

The Testing Center only serves I - or IC - coded sections. We do not provide proctoring for face-to-face courses. If you are a student working with the DRC office, please view this resource.


    • Testing times are Monday through Friday 8:30am - 12:00pm and 1:30pm - 4:15pm
    • Photo IDs are required to test.
    • Personal items are not allowed in the Testing Center. (Please do not bring a cell phone, smart watch, purse, wallet, etc. with you to the Testing Center.)  If you are found with a cell phone or any other electronic device in the test center you will be dismissed and your test scores will be canceled.
    • Exams are monitored by the Testing Center staff and video recorded. Any acts of suspected academic dishonesty will be reported to the instructor and/or other University officials.
    • Parking passes are available upon request.
    • You do not need to bring writing utensils or scratch paper—these items will be provided to you by Testing Center staff.
    • Contact the Testing Center as soon as possible if you cannot keep your appointment.

Quad Cities Testing Center

To schedule a testing appointment in the Quad Cities, call 309-743-0985. The Testing Center is located in Complex Building A, room 2215.

Quad Cities Testing Center Hours - Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm - 4:15 pm

Non-WIU Locations

Students unable to take their exams at WIU’s Macomb or Quad Cities campuses must complete an Exam Request Form found on their class website or the student may contact the instructor.

Students should arrange for an acceptable proctor to conduct the examination and are responsible for fees assessed and postage to return the exam. The following are acceptable proctors:

  • Testing center personnel at community colleges and universities
  • School superintendents and high school principals and counselors
  • Education officers of military personnel
  • A library that provides proctoring services
Contact Leslie Mose:
  • Quad Cities Complex, Building A, room 2215
  • Appointment Line: 309-743-0985
  • Email: LA-Mose@wiu.edu

Proctoring for External Institutions

The Testing Center at Western Illinois University offers exam proctoring services for students taking courses at other educational institutions.

The Testing Center is equipped with ten computer proctoring stations and provides proctoring for both paper- and computer-based tests. Testing procedures will vary according to the individual test and the home institution's requirements.

Current photo IDs are required to test.

To arrange proctoring send request to testingcenter@wiu.edu.

Feel free to contact the WIU Testing Center if you have any questions about proctoring requests 309-298-2496, testingcenter@wiu.edu.