First Year Experience

First Year Experience

FYE ClassThe First Year Experience (FYE) is a comprehensive approach to ensure first year students make a successful transition to college.

Through participation in the First Year Experience, the university has the following primary goals for students:

  1. Demonstrate the acquisition of skills for academic achievement;
  2. Be aware of resources and policies, including how to access them and what they are, in order to succeed and use them when appropriate for success;
  3. Continue building supportive academic, emotional, and social networks;
  4. Engage in and demonstrate respectful and appropriate interactions within their communities;
  5. Explore their values, experiences, and beliefs to begin develop a sense of self; and
  6. Demonstrate a desire and interest in continuing their education.

FYE begins with Summer Orientation and Registration (SOAR). Freshmen will take two FYE courses in their first semester--UNIV 100 and a "Y" section of a general education or introductory course in a specific major. These special courses are limited to freshmen only and offer a small class size of approximately 22 students.

All First Year students are living together in the same environment and going through similar experiences in their first year of college. FYE sessions offered in the residence halls allow first year students to meet, live, and transition into college life together. These sessions are offered at no cost and take place in the residence halls on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7:00 pm.

Did You Know?

"Leatherneck" is also a nickname for a Marine. WIU is the only civilian school allowed to use the Leatherneck nickname for its sports teams.