First Year Experience

Common Reading: The FYE Book

The FYE Common Reading is one of the core components of First Year Experience. It introduces the ideas of the University Theme to students and provides a shared Liberal Arts experience. The book is selected through a voting process that includes the entire University community. Each incoming Freshman Student will receive a copy of the book, "And Then There's This", which is a natural choice for our 2011-12 University Theme " Science and Technology: Discover, Innovate, Create. "

And Then There's This

And Then There's This - Bill Wasik

Journalist and new media provocateur Bill Wasik journeys to the edge of our churning and rambunctious viral culture to illuminate how anyone with a computer can initiate a small ripple of a story that can turn into a tsunami. While exploring this fascinating landscape, Wasik (who organized the very first flash mob in 2003) conducts six experiments himself. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in journalism, business, technology, and how cultural information spreads. Wasik's tour is great, stimulating and fun.

Review of book: Stacey Macchi – FYE faculty member in Communication



We featured these books in previous years:

  • 2010-11: Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture (Hyperion, 2008)
  • 2009–10: Barbara Ehrenreich, Nickel and Dimed: On Not Getting By in America (Henry Holt and Company Books, 2001).
  • 2008–09: Koren Zailckas, Smashed (Penguin Books, 2005).
  • 2007–08: Ricahrd Louv, Last Child in the Woods (Algonquin Books, 2005).
  • 2006–07: Class Matters (Times Books, 2005).
  • 2005–06: Erich Schlosser, Fast Food Nation (Houghton Mifflin, 2001).