First Year Experience

FYE: For Faculty

First Year Experience provides common educational experiences and a special venue to support entering students. The program has several core components; faculty participation is welcomed in all of them.

FYE Courses

First year students take two FYE courses in their first semester—UNIV 100 and a "Y" section of a general education or introductory courses in a specific major. FYE courses are smaller (with maximum enrollments of 22), to encourage more student-faculty contact.

Peer Mentors

teacherAll UNIV 100 courses are assigned a peer mentor, a sophomore, junior, or senior student who provides support to FYE students in course activities and campus and community explorations.

Campus and Community Explorations

In every UNIV 100 section, faculty select public lectures, plays, films relevant to course material, or other explorations, integrating them into courses (perhaps with the help of peer mentors). These events help students build connections between classroom learning and real-world experiences.

Residence Hall Communities

University Housing and Dining Services provides extensive programs which complement other FYE activities, and encourage students to participate in living and learning communities.

FYE is administered by Dr. Nancy Parsons (Associate Provost), Stacey Macchi, (Assistant Professor in Communication),  and the FYE Committee.