First Year Experience

FYE Peer Mentor Applications

Are you interested in becoming a Peer Mentor? Read our FAQ for details, then complete the appropriate application below.

New Peer Mentor Application

(If you have never been an FYE Peer Mentor)

Returning Peer Mentor Application

(If you want to re-apply to be an FYE Peer Mentor)

Peer Mentor Responsibilities
  1. Attend all required training sessions (prior to the start of the fall semester)
  2. Assist FYE students in adjusting to university life
  3. Familiarize FYE students with university resources
  4. Attend Univ. 100 course once a week (16-weeks)
  5. Attend at least 2 campus/community explorations with class
  6. Attend university wide FYE Peer Mentor meeting, seminars, POD meetings, etc.
  7. Have a desire to work with FYE students inside and outside of the classroom
  8. Understand and appreciate the unique needs of FYE students
  9. Work with, meet and communicate weekly with the course instructor
  10. Attend regularly scheduled 1 on 1s with instructor
  11. Advocate for the WIU FYE program, FYE students and other peer mentors
  12. Complete all paperwork as required by the FYE program
  13. Complete other duties as assigned