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Audiologists with a current license in the state where they provide services to Illinois children may enroll to bill. Audiologists are not required to obtain a credential. (Provider is automatically enrolled under assistive technology and aural rehabilitation categories.) CBO enrollment required.

DescriptionRate of Reimbursement
Hearing aid assessment$68.69
Hearing Screening$57.29
Screen test, pure tone, air only$15.20
Pure tone audiometry (threshold), air only$15.20
Audiometry, air and bone$15.20
Speech audiometry threshold$15.20
Speech audiometry threshold; (with speech recognition)$15.20
Comprehensive audiometry; (includes 92553 and 92556)$37.40
Acoustic reflex testing; threshold$13.70
Visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA)$22.15
Conditioning play audiometry$22.15
Select picture audiometry$15.15
Brainstem evoked response rec. (no anesthesia)$53.70
Evoked otoacoustic emissions: limited (single level, either transient or distortion products) (no anesthesia)$52.70
Evoked otoacoustic emissions, comprehensive or diagnostic evaluation (Comparison of transient and/or distortion product otoacoustic emissions at multiple levels and frequencies)$61.00

Aural Rehabilitation And Other Related Services Procedure Codes

Unit of ServiceDescriptionRate of Reimbursement
15 minutesA/R assessment - onsite$14.53
15 minutesA/R assessment - offsite$18.14
15 minutesA/R IFSP development$14.53
15 minutesA/R IFSP meeting$18.14
15 minutesA/R services - onsite$14.53
15 minutesA/R services - offsite$18.14
15 minutesGroup A/R services (multiple families or group not to exceed 4 children)$ 7.88

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