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Developmental Therapists
(child development specialist)

Individuals who do not hold an EI Specialist Developmental Therapist credential on January 1, 2004 must have a bachelors degree or higher in Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Special Education, Special Education, Special Education: Deaf/Hard of Hearing or Blind/Partially Sighted, Child Development/Family Studies, Early Intervention, Elementary Education, Developmental Psychology, or Social Work; or with a bachelors degree or higher and a full specialist credential in the Early Intervention program; or a current license in art, music, recreation, or other type of therapy, rehabilitative or habilitative in nature, in the state where they provide services to Illinois children; and can document the completion of educational experiences as approved by the Department that include at least 2 semester college hours or the equivalent (30 clock hours or CEU credit hours) in each of the following EI core knowledge content areas: the Development of Young Children; Typical and Atypical; Working with Families of Young Children with Disabilities; Intervention Strategies for Young Children with Special Needs; and Assessment of Young Children with Special Needs; and can submit proof of training on the use of a formal assessment tool that would allow the provider to perform global evaluations/assessments may apply for an EI Specialist: Developmental Therapist credential and enroll to bill. Credential and CBO enrollment required.

An emergency waiver of educational requirements for developmental therapists may be applied for and must be accompanied by the recommendation of a regional intake entity manager documenting the need for developmental therapy services in the service area. A bachelors degree or higher is required. If approved, the resulting temporary credential will be awarded for a maximum of 18 months. A training plan toward qualification for full credential status must be submitted with the emergency waiver application.

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