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Developmental Therapy - Orientation and Mobility

Individuals with (1) a bachelors degree or higher in Orientation and Mobility or (2) a Special Education degree for Blind and Partially Seeing may apply for an EI Specialist: Developmental Therapist/Vision credential and enroll to bill. They may provide Developmental and/or Vision Therapy services related to visual functioning based on their qualifications and experience. (Provider is automatically enrolled under the vision category.) Credential and CBO enrollment required.

Pay Table

Unit of Service Description Rate
15 minutes Evaluation/Assessment - onsite $11.03
15 minutes Evaluation/Assessment - offsite $13.91
15 minutes IFSP Development $11.03
15 minutes IFSP Meeting $13.91
15 minutes Individual DT - onsite $11.03
15 minutes Individual DT - offsite $13.91
15 minutes Group DT (multiple families or group not to exceed 4 children) $ 2.76