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New Applicants

All Specialist Level Providers (except Licensed Dietician Nutritionists) must enroll in the Illinois Medical Assistance Program Illinois Medicaid Program Advanced Cloud Technology (IMPACT) System.

Click here to view the Impact Enrollment Guidelines

Please complete the applications below and follow the corresponding process. Allow 8-12 weeks for processing in order for the stated CANTS and criminal background checks to be completed and received.


The Department of Human Services, Bureau of Early Intervention requires the following checks for all providers applying for or renewing an EI credential:

No Provider shall be credentialed to provide early intervention services without the clearance results from all checks being documented by Provider Connections.

Click here for the background checks process for new applicants.

All new EI credential applicants are required to document:

Temporary Credential Requirements

In addition to the above mentioned educational and training requirements, all new providers will:

The four core knowledge area requirements have been eliminated for all licensed providers.

A credential extension of up to 6 months for credentialed Specialist and Associate Level providers & 90 days for credentialed Service Coordinators and Parent Liaisons may be granted due to non-compliance with Supervised Professional Experience and/or completion of training requirements established due to extreme hardship or extenuating circumstances. Such requests will be evaluated on an individual case basis and must follow the prescribed procedures.
Credential Extension Request Form

What is the Ongoing Professional Development Plan (OPDP)?

All new/renewing EI credentialed providers must agree to participate in OPDP activities by using the Ongoing Professional Development Plan Form. OPDP activities are a once a month, non-billable, meeting held either face-to-face or over the telephone with an individual specialist-level credentialed provider or group, of which at least one member is a specialist-level credentialed provider. A Credentialed Provider, now including providers with a temporary credential, must document a minimum of 75% of their Ongoing Professional Development Plan (OPDP) meetings completed.

These meetings are intended to be used for professional development through discussion of client/family concerns, needs, strengths, resources, priorities, outcomes, strategies, and service plans in order to support best practices.

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