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Both Interpreter and CBO podcast and being revised and will be up shortly.

Provider Connections has developed video podcast(s) related to the Early Intervention credentialing and enrollment process. These podcast(s) are intended to assist providers in completing the application(s) necessary to become either credentialed and/or enrolled as to provide services in the Illinois Early Intervention System. Click on the link(s) below to view the podcast related to the application(s) needing completed. Questions should be directed to Provider Connections at 800-701-0995.

Quicktime is required to watch some podcasts. Click on the quicktime logo to get the latest version.

Both Interpreter and CBO podcast are being revised and will be up shortly.

2016 Developmental Therapist

DHS and Early Intervention Podcast

Interpreter Translator Podcast

Developmental Therapy Podcast

CBO Instructional Podcast

EI Credential Application Podcast