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FROM:Janet D. Gully, Chief
Bureau of Early Interven
DATE:April 27, 2011


Effective May 2, 2011, four new procedure codes will be opened for use by Audiologists for hearing aid checks. Once a childs hearing aid(s) have been dispensed, meaning that all follow up visits to provide instruction to the family and to measure, fit and adjust the hearing aid(s) to work most appropriately for the child, EI will pay for hearing aid checks every three months, or more frequently if the Audiologist provides a written justification of need to the childs service coordinator. The justification does not have to be written on a particular form, but must be sent to the service coordinator to justify and request an authorization. The new procedure codes and rates include the following.

92592Hearing aid check; monaural$15.20
92593Hearing aid check; binaural$15.20
92594Electroacoustic evaluation for Hearing aid; monaural$15.20
92595Electroacoustic evaluation for Hearing aid; binaural$15.20
  • A Hearing Aid Check (EIHAC) authorization will be allowed for one occurrence only per authorization.
  • No proceedure codes will print on the authorization.
  • EIHAC will print on the authorization instead of procedurre codes.
  • The audiologist will be allowed too bill up to two procedurre codes on one authorization.
  • The audiologist will choose either binaural or monaural codes to bill. NOTE: Do not bill two codes unless you completed two procedures.
  • The audiologist may have an EIHAC authorization at a minimum of every three months. If it is identified that a child may need to have a hearing aid check prior to three months from the date of the previous check, the audiologist must submit a written justification of need to the childs service coordinator to requesst an authorization. NOTE: EI will not pay for hearing aid checks more than one time per month. The audiologist is required to submit a written document to the service coordinator to justify receipt of an EIHAC authorization if a hearing aid check is needed prior to three months from the previous check.

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