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Training Requirements for Providers Inactive for 3+ Years

Over the years, the Illinois Early Intervention (EI) Systems required trainings have evolved. As EI has made programmatic and policy changes, the EI Systems Overview Training, Service Coordination Training, Parent Liaison Training, and Deaf Mentor Training have been updated to reflect the changes. From what once was a half-day training, Systems Overview is now offered as a comprehensive, 27 module online training and one-day face-to-face follow-up session or 3-day face-to-face workshop. As the roles of Service Coordinators (SC), Parent Liaisons (PL) and Deaf Mentors (DM) have been changed or expanded, their respective trainings have also continued to be updated.

It has been EIs policy to accept completion of either the 3-day face-to-face or the online/follow-up training and any of the SC, PL, and DM trainings as fulfilling the respective requirements regardless of how long ago they were completed.

Effective January 1, 2012, any provider whos credential and/or enrollment that has been inactive for 3 years or longer will be required to complete the current version of EI Systems Overview Training, EI Systems Overview for Bilingual Interpreters Training, SC Training, PL Training, DM Training as required by their specific credential/enrollment standards. By taking the current versions of the trainings that are required for specific credential/enrollment standards, it is expected that providers who have not been active in the EI Services System will receive training on up-to-date policies, practices, and procedures .

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