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Early Intervention Prompt Pay Interest Penalty payments

Pursuant to Illinois’ State Prompt Payment Act (30 ILCS 540) (the Prompt Payment Act), if a

payment is not made to a vendor within 60 days of receipt of the proper invoice, an interest

penalty of 1% (or, in some limited cases, 2%) of any unpaid amount will accrue for each

month or fraction thereof that such payment is delayed after such 60-day period. If you

receive an interest payment, this information will assist you in matching the payment to the

original payment for actual service(s) for proper book keeping.

Determination of eligible services for Interest:

Interest payments were calculated based on payments delayed beyond 60 days from the

Proper Billing date which is the date the claim was received by the Early Intervention (EI)

Central Billing Office (CBO) and is a payable claim with no issues or reasons for denial. If a

claim is denied or returned to the provider, the new date the CBO receives the corrected

claim and the claim is approvable would be the Proper Billing Date. From the 61st day after

the Proper Bill date, the count starts and continues until the Illinois Office of Comptroller

(IOC) pays the voucher. This date is called the Issue Date by IOC. The number of days in

between the 61st and the Issue Date would be the number of days the interest accrues.

Interest is only paid for the number of days that the payment exceeds 60 days from the

Proper Billing Date. In addition to the criteria of being a late payment, Interest payments are

also calculated based on whether EI received Federal Medicaid reimbursement for the

service or not. If the service provided was reimbursed by Medicaid, then the payment is

eligible to receive 2% interest. All other services paid receive 1% interest.

Your EI Provider Claim Summary (PCS) will not indicate which child is or is not reimbursed

by Medicaid because that process takes place well after the service is performed. A child’s

Medicaid or Insurance status is never a reason to accept or decline the referral for a child per

the Provider Agreement and the Early Intervention Service Descriptions Document (Provider

Handbook). The EI claim process keeps very careful records of eligible services performed

and the payment or reimbursement source.

Interest payments from IOC:

The actual interest payment check will include certain information. One piece of information

that will appear in the text area is the Comptroller Voucher Number or (CVR) of the original

payment. This unique number is created for processing the payments to the Illinois Office of

Comptroller accounting system. You will have to match the CVR# from the DHS or IOC

information to the CBO PCS information. As most EI providers should know, the EI PCS’

include the “Invoice Number”. This number identifies the specific claim submitted and

processed by the EI CBO. This number has historically been 8 digits beginning with a “9”.

The invoice number is located on the PCS immediately following the highlighted row

indicating the Provider Service Information – Service Dates – Units/Miles – Billed, etc…

The PCS shows this line as:

Invoice: 9XXXXXXX Provider: (tax ID here) (Name of Provider)

There are a number of ways that you, the provider, can obtain detailed information to

supplement your current bookkeeping practices and EI CBO PCS. Every provider is

expected to keep accurate records of services and must have their own system to ensure

proper billing and payments. It will be your responsibility to match the interest payment to the

original payment/service. This notice is to assist you in doing this task.

DHS accounting system:

One way is through the DHS website. You can log on to You can

access information about payments on this website. Information available is the amount, the

Voucher # (matches the PCS Invoice #) and CVR #. The specific invoice/payment information

is posted to DHS as soon as the actual payment voucher has been approved as funds are

available in the proper accounting systems (both IOC and DHS accounting systems must

have sufficient funds available to process a voucher). Once the payment has actually been

made by IOC, the DHS website will be updated within 2 business days with the IOC Warrant

# information as well. This site allows you to download the data to other applications (Excel,

etc) to assist you in proper bookkeeping.

Here are the specific login procedures once on the DHS website:

Choose Provider on the home page from the choices of “for Customer”, “for Provider” or

“about DHS”

Choose Payments in the Provider Information section

Choose Provider Payment Inquiry

Choose the Fiscal Year (interest payments began in Fiscal Year 2011)

Enter your Tax ID # and click on Submit (do not hit return as it will not process the request)

The page will display all payments made for the current Fiscal Year unless you change the

criteria to search for other time periods. The column “Voucher Number” starts with an

alphabetical character followed by 8 digits. These 8 digits are the same as the Invoice

number from the CBO PCS.

IOC accounting system:

The other opportunity is on the IOC website at As soon as IOC has

processed a DHS/EI approved voucher, the IOC website will update the next working day.

The main payment page of this site allows a provider to see the amount, the IOC assigned

Voucher Number and Warrant #. The site also allows a provider to click on the warrant # to

access a second payment page for the Invoice # (matches the PCS Invoice #) and Voucher #

(matches the CVR#). This makes it possible to match the claim to the payment and

service(s) provided. This site also allows the provider to download to applications like Excel.

Here are the specific login directions once on the IOC website:

From the menu, choose Financial Inquiries

Choose Vendor Payments

Enter your tax ID #

Choose Payments

In the Selection Criteria area, you may choose a specific Fiscal Year, Invoice # or Date range

to narrow your search or leave the default Fiscal Year and remaining fields blank.

Choose Find Warrants

The next screen shows any payments, in date order with most recent payment on top. You

can choose the Export to Excel button in the upper right corner area. This will allow you to

create an excel spreadsheet to more easily search payments with all of the information on

one application.

You must click on the Warrant/EFT# of a specific payment to see more information, including

the Invoice # that matches the EI CBO PCS Invoice #.

This information should allow you to match the interest payment check to your original invoice

for record-keeping purposes. The DHS Illinois Early Intervention Services system does

everything possible to keep payments current. Early Intervention appreciates the continuing

efforts and constant support of every provider serving our children.

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