Provider Connections

Credential Notifications via Email

In an effort to efficiently provide notification to providers renewing their EI Credential(s), Provider

Connections has begun email notification to individuals identifying any deficiencies that would

prevent renewal. Notifications include specific details as to the number of approved continuing

education hours submitted, identifies any continuing education submissions that were not credited

and specifies steps to take to complete the renewal process. Currently, providers receive the email

as well as a mailed letter of the same content.

Beginning July 2013, for those who provide emails, only email notification will be provided. Letters

will continue to be sent to those who do not provide email. Also beginning July 2013 renewal

notices will be sent via email to providers. The schedule of notification will remain the same in that

the email will be sent the quarter prior to the credential expiration date. Renewal notices will be

mailed to those who do not provide email addresses. Please add to

your address book to avoid messages being sent to your junk mail.