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Update on IMPACT Enrollment (12/18/15)

To All EI Providers,

IMPACT intended to have an enhancement entered on December 14, 2015 which would allow EI Payees who have Groups (companies) with tax ids instead of SS#s that were not allowed to enroll in the initial IMPACT creation. Unfortunately, we have discovered that the enhancement did not address the needs of EI entirely so IMPACT is researching additional options to move forward with new enrollments and enrolling existing EI Payees affected. While they work from the IMPACT side, the Bureau will we working with EI Provider Connections to establish a work-around to process new applications. Due to the timing of this issue, the work-around may take until early January to be finalized but please be assured we are doing everything we can to get this resolved.

We apologize for the unnecessary burden IMPACT has put on our EI Provider Community but know that we must continue to work with IMPACT as a program covered under the Affordable Care Act for services we provide children in EI. As the process is moved forward, we will keep everyone updated so please keep posted to the EI Provider Connections and EI CBO websites for additional information.


Ann M. Freiburg

Interim Chief, Bureau of Early Intervention

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