Provider Connections

Online Credit Request

The Provider Connections Online Request for College/University Credit has been designed to allow individuals to submit university coursework information for review and possible approval for EI Credit. Provider Connections will review materials submitted and reply to the requestor either for more information, give approval for credit, or deny credit based upon defined criteria. Credit can only be given if the information submitted from the course(s) indicate that a minimum of 15 clock hours (1 semester hour) was focused on infants/toddlers (birth to age 3) and/or their families with special needs.

Use the pull down menu to first see if the university course you are submitting has already been approved for credit. If not, identify the college/university and course for which credit is wanted and attach a copy of a syllabus from within two years of when the course was taken. If the university does not appear on the pull down menu, check the box and click submit.

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