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Chair: Mary Barkworth <Mary.Barkworth@usu.edu>

Secretary: Ellen Dean <eadean@ucdavis.edu>
Informatics Specialist: Ben Legler <blegler@u.washington.edu>
Member-at-Large: Mark Mayfield <markherb@ksu.edu>
Webmaster: Eric Ribbens <e-ribbens@wiu.edu>
Anne B. Alerding <AlerdingAB@vmi.edu>

When we disseminate information, we routinely use the herbarium listserv:
herbaria <herbaria@nacse.org>

Initiated in 2008, the US Virtual Herbarium project's purpose is to facilitate the digitization and online presentation of herbarium specimens and their associated information. It operates at three different levels: helping people in individual herbaria to make their specimens web-accessible; promoting formation of regional portals; and, ultimately, by enabling access to all herbarium records via a single portal. Individual portals may be designed to draw on a subset of the records, but all records would be available to all portals.
Webmaster: Eric Ribbens
Barkworth, Mary E., and Zack E. Murrell 2012: The U.S. Virtual Herbarium: working with individual herbaria to build a national resource. Zookeys 209:55-73.
The U.S. Virtual Herbarium Project: About Us.

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The U.S. Virtual Herbarium Project:
Bringing all herbaria into a digital network and demonstrating the value of shared information.
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