Western Organization for Women

March, Demonstration, & Teach-In - #BlackLivesMatter

Dec. 12, 2014 [ View Event Brochure ]


We invite you to attend the WIU Race 4 Justice: Black Lives Matter March and Teach out on Friday, December 12th beginning at 1:00 at WIU’s Q Lot as follows:

  • 1:00 Marchers meet at WIU’s Q Lot (south west corner), leave for Sherman Hall
  • 1:30 Marchers arrive at Sherman Hall
  • 2:00 Marchers arrive at Circle North of the Union, brief speeches

About This Event

WIU’s Expanding Cultural Diversity Project (ECDP), Center for the Study of Masculinities and Men’s Development (CSMMD), and The Western Organization for Women (WOW) invite you to participate in a Solidarity March and Teach Out. This peaceful demonstration will allow WIU students, faculty, and employees and Macomb community members to show solidarity for racial justice and stand up and proclaim that BLACK LIVES MATTER HERE; that ALL lives matter and we must join together to demand racial justice.

As members of an educational community, we need to discuss the critical reality that every 28 hours an unarmed black person is killed in this country. For example, Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager who was preparing to enter college in a few days was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9th.  On July 17th  Eric Garner was killed in Staten Island after a police officer put him in an apparent chokehold, a tactic banned by the New York City Police Department.  In both cases recent grand jury decisions “no billed” the incidents and refused to take them forward for prosecution.  Many people have expressed disagreement with these decisions, that they have lost trust in our judicial process, that the police cannot be trusted, and that people of color continue to be targeted for oppression.

We have spoken to members of our WIU and Macomb community who are frustrated, sad, discouraged and want to do something about the aftermath of such events. Moreover, these events are neither new nor isolated.  The systematic racial and other forms of oppression have been woven into the fabric of our culture since the beginning of our democracy.  And we feel fortunate to live in a country where we can raise issues of discrimination and oppression in order to reduce the space between what our democratic contract says and how it is enacted.  As Dr. Martin Luther King said in his last speech the night before he was assassinated, “What I say to America is, be true to what you said on paper…but somewhere I read of the freedom of speech…somewhere I read that the greatness of American is to protest for our rights.”

We, therefore, invite you to attend the WIU Race 4 Justice: Black Lives Matter March and Teach out on Friday, December 12th beginning at 1:00 at WIU’s Q Lot as follows:

You can follow us on Facebook and on twitter at #WIUrace4justice and #wiu4blacklives.

Promoting Equal Opportunity for Women for Over 40 Years

The Western Organization for Women (WOW) was established in 1971 out of concern for women's opportunities for advancement on the campus of Western Illinois University.

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News - Fall 2014

WOW has revived our Feminist Reading Group!

For details, contact Rebekah Buchanan

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The purpose of WOW is to provide for continuing interaction among members in order to consider and act on common interests and issues relating to women. One of the first projects undertaken by WOW was a landmark salary study which led to some improvement in women's salaries.

Let Us Know What Matters To You

We welcome input from all members of the campus community on these and any other topics of special interest to women and those who care about them. Please join us!


  • To promote equal opportunity for women in all situations within the university;
  • To enhance the position of women at the university;
  • To collaborate with other local, state, and national women’s organizations in order to assist in improving the status of women in society; and
  • To stimulate and encourage women students at WIU to become aware of their roles as women and to participate in activities which define and enlarge these roles.

We Need YOUR Help to Support Our Mission

  • Become a member. Membership is open to ALL members of the campus community, no matter the classification, contract, role, gender. If you wish to help us advance the cause of social justice, join us!
  • Submit your questions for our annual "Meeting with the President."
  • Attend our events
  • Make a donation
  • Listen to 51% on WIUM Tri-States Radio on Saturdays & send an email to the station thanking them for hosting this program
  • Join our Programming Committee

2014 - 2015 Executive Board - Fall 2014 Meetings - 2:00 p.m.

Heather McMeekan
(309) 298-1325
Email: HM-McMeekan@wiu.edu

Holly Stovall
(309) 298-2324
Email:  HA-Stovall@wiu.edu

Angie (Lovejoy) Knight
Email: AL-Lovejoy@wiu.edu

Rebekah Buchanan
Email: RJ-Buchanan@wiu.edu

Some of WOW's Successes

Though these issues continue to require our attention, support, and advocacy, some of the ways WOW has made WIU a better place for all include:

  • Getting a dedicated Women's Studies program Degree Program
  • Documenting the need, advocating for, and raising the funds to establish a Women's Center
  • Establishing more equity on spending for the women's sports teams
  • Getting women's personal product bins in women's bathrooms
  • Advocating for more representation in administrative decision-making positions on campus
  • A Landmark study on salary equity
  • WIU's Parental Leave benefits
  • Dedicated Lactation Rooms on campus

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WOW is on Facebook!!!