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Resources: Eldercare Options

Paid leave options for elder-care

There are a number of ways for WIU employees to take paid time off to care for elderly relatives. The most common options are using vacation time and sick leave, but some employees also have an "end-of-life" leave option when a family member has received a terminal diagnosis.

  1. End-of-life Leave: Employees in the UPI bargaining unit can take a limited amount of time off when a close family member receives a terminal diagnosis. This time is not deducted from annual leave or sick leave.
  2. Vacation Time: Those employees who accrue vacation time can use it for elder-care activities, if the ordinary procedures for taking vacation time are followed.
  3. Sick Leave: WIU employees can use a limited amount of accrued sick leave each year to care for a sick or injured family member.
  4. Personal Days: Employees in the UPI bargaining unit can take up to five days of sick leave each year as "personal days."

Unpaid leave for elder-care

When options for taking paid leave have been exhausted, there are also ways to take unpaid leave for elder-care purposes.

  1. Family Leave/FMLA
  2. Personal Convenience Leave: Under restricted circumstances, civil service employees at WIU can take an unpaid leave of absence for reasons of "personal convenience." The details can be found in the Civil Service Handbook

Local resources for elder-care

Some of WOW's Successes

Though these issues continue to require our attention, support, and advocacy, some of the ways WOW has made WIU a better place for all include:

  • Getting a dedicated Women's Studies program Degree Program
  • Documenting the need, advocating for, and raising the funds to establish a Women's Center
  • Establishing more equity on spending for the women's sports teams
  • Getting women's personal product bins in women's bathrooms
  • Advocating for more representation in administrative decision-making positions on campus
  • A Landmark study on salary equity
  • WIU's Parental Leave benefits
  • Dedicated Lactation Rooms on campus

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