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"I greatly enjoy the Chemistry Department at WIU because the professors I had truly cared about their student's education."  Shawn Farrar, B.S. Chemistry, May, 2016

Chemistry is the science of the composition, structure, properties, and reactions of matter, especially of atomic and molecular systems. It is the basis of the technology for the large-scale production of chemicals and chemical materials that are useful to modern society. The study of chemistry helps people understand the physical world and its workings.

The Science/Chemistry Teacher Certification option is designed to prepare students to become certified to teach high school science with a specialization in chemistry.

Possible Careers

  • High School Chemistry/Science Teacher

Why Choose Chemistry at WIU?

Students develop the ability to work closely with other health care professionals, use complex and precise instruments, and gain a solid background in the sciences.

WIU's Chemistry degree research program allows students the opportunity to get involved with projects such as analytical chemistry, biochemistry, environmental chemistry, food chemistry, forensic chemistry, green chemistry, inorganic chemistry, material science, nanotechnology, organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, physical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, polymer chemistry, and toxicological chemistry.

Our Students

  • get highly individualized advisement and mentorship from our faculty.
  • participate in departmental research grants and contracts; involve them as “doers and thinkers” in novel, cutting edge research
  • become involved in research learning techniques and instrument use not normally accessible in a large instructional setting
  • travel to state, regional, national, and international conferences via faculty research grant funding
  • present their research, mix with and meet chemists from across the USA and around the world
  • have made 47 research presentations in the past few years at the national American Chemical Society or the National American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology meetings in Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, San Diego, Washington DC, and San Francisco
  • become published authors!
  • have been listed as coauthors with Chemistry faculty in over 100 referred journal articles during the past four years alone. Most of these have been in nationally or internationally known journals, such as the Journal of Organic Chemistry, the Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, the Journal of the American Chemical Society, Organic Letters, Applications in Biotechnology and Microbiology, Experimental Biology, the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, and many, many more
  • graduate our program with impressive resumes!
  • gain top flight careers!

At A Glance

Degrees Available:

  • B.S.
  • M.S.

Major: Yes
Minor: Yes
Campus: Macomb
Study Opportunities:

  • GradTrac
  • Honors
  • Teacher Certification

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