French Teacher Education (K - 12)

I started my studies of French at WIU. I studies abroad and went on to work in France on an internship. I'm currently working on my masters in French at Kansas State University. Learning French at WIU skyrocketed my career in French. I'm also grateful to all my teachers and the staff at WIU that guided me along the way .”  -- Alex Hutchins

eiffel towerThe Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in French or the comprehensive Bachelor of Arts - Teacher Certification degree leading to certification to teach French at the kindergarten through grade twelve level.

French is useful for anyone majoring in Business, English, Political Science, Tourism, Sciences, International Affairs, International Law, Fashion, History, and even Military science. The curriculum includes study of the language itself, as well as the literature and culture of the countries where French is spoken.

Possible Careers

A degree in French prepares the student for advanced or graduate study in French literature and/or language or for using language skills in:

  • Business
  • Industry
  • Government
  • Social services fields
Why Choose French Teacher Education (K-12) at WIU?

A Major in French requires 34 hours of courses, 24 in upper division classes. A Minor is 16 hours of courses, with six hours in upper division classes. One can also prepare for a degree in French Teacher Education.

Classes are a mixture of language acquisition, literature, and civilization courses, taught by professors who are active researchers and publishers in these fields. The curriculum ranges from beginning and intermediate studies of the language to advanced levels of literary surveys and courses focused on specific genres or authors. You can practice in our up-to-date computer lab with a variety of software, as well as Internet resources.

Classes sizes are small, encouraging excellent language acquisition and development time with both professors and peers.

We offer a generous credit for advanced placement, a flexible range of classes to take, and opportunities for immersion study experiences abroad.

At A Glance

  • Degrees Available:
    • B.A.
  • Major: Yes
  • Minor: Yes
  • Graduate Degree: No
  • Campus: Macomb
  • Study Opportunities:
    • GradTrac
    • Honors
    • Teacher Certification

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