Political Science - International Relations/Comparative Politics

International relations is the study of the economic, military and political interactions among states, international organizations and transnational actors. Comparative politics studies the varied forms of political institutions and behaviors within states around the world.

Possible Career Paths

Students who study international and comparative politics are prepared to work in federal government agencies such as the State or Defense Department; for international organizations such as the United Nations; for multinational corporations; and for transnational organizations that deal with issues such as human rights or security.

Specific careers include:

  • NGO analyst
  • Foreign service officer
  • Intelligence analyst
  • Think tank analyst
Why Choose International Relations/Comparative Politics at WIU?

In an age of globalization, the study of international and comparative politics prepares a graduate to understand and to participate effectively in an increasingly independent world.

At A Glance

Degrees Available:

  • B.A.
  • M.A.

Major: Yes

Minor: Yes

Graduate Degree: Yes

Campus: Macomb

Study Opportunities:

  • GradTrac
  • Honors
  • Post-Baccalaureate

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