Medical Sciences (a.k.a. 'Pre-Medicine', 'Pre-Veterinarian' & Other Medical Disciplines)

The Medical Sciences program offered by the Department of Biological Sciences prepares students going into such disciplines as Pre-Dentistry (pdf), Pre-Medicine (a.k.a. 'Pre-Med') (pdf), Pre-Optometry (pdf),  Pre-Physical Therapy (pdf), Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Veterinarian, Physicians Assistant.

The Bachelor of Science in Biology (Medical Sciences emphasis), coupled with a minor in Psychology, provides excellent preparation for both the Doctor of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Colleges. It also prepares students to take the required entrance exam, the GRE.

The Bachelor of Science in Biology (Medical Sciences emphasis), coupled with a minor in Chemistry, provides excellent preparation for students entering into Medical, Physician's Assistant, Dental, Optometry, and Veterinarian Schools. It also prepares each student to take the required MCAT, DAT, and OAT entrance exams.

The Medical Sciences (B.S.) degree is an option in Biology for our pre-professional students pursuing professional schools for;

Medical Sciences option with a chemistry minor:

Medical Sciences option with a psychology minor:


This dynamic major provides excellent career preparation. Our graduates typically enroll at Medical Schools, Physical Therapy, Dental Medical, Veterinarian Schools and Colleges of Optometry. After acceptance into one of these schools, Western’s graduates have gone on to complete their degrees and enter into successful practices and careers.

Why Choose WIU Biology Department?

Few biology departments offer research and field experiences to undergraduates - a strength of our department is our commitment to undergraduate research. The department provides advanced coursework in medical subjects such as bacteriology, medical mycology, virology, immunology, microbial ecology, parasitology, pathogenic bacteriology, vertebrate embryology, comparative anatomy, histology, biology of aging, and neurology.

Class sizes are small; usually held to 14 students, allowing each student to view material presented, ask questions, and handle the study organisms directly.

Faculty diversity and experience

Department of Biological Sciences faculty hold doctoral degrees from distinguished universities across the United States such as the Universities of Arkansas, Cornell, Colorado State, Connecticut, Eastern Illinois, Georgia, Iowa, Iowa State, Kentucky, Louisiana State, Maryland College Park, Massachusetts, Miami University–Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, MIT, Missouri, New Mexico, Northern Illinois, Southern Illinois, and Texas A&M.

A Solid Commitment to Undergraduate Education

  • Our courses are taught by faculty members, not graduate students.
  • Our institution has an active faculty advisor program and an active career advising/career development program.
  • The comprehensive university environment of WIU provides a curriculum which includes a variety of courses that provide a strong background in the natural and social sciences, humanities, and writing, while still allowing students to pursue their individual interests.
  • We have libraries with Internet access to biology journals, and easily accessible computer labs for student use.

Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

  • Students are welcome and encouraged to join research groups as part-time workers, interns, and research assistants.
  • Opportunities are available for undergraduates to pursue independent research projects.
  • Our diverse department offers many field and laboratory opportunities for students to pursue biology research.

At A Glance

Degrees Available:

  • B.S.

Major: Yes

Minor: Psychology & Chemistry

Graduate Degree: No

Campus: Macomb

Study Opportunities:

  • GradTrac
  • Honors

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