Gwendolyn Merz

Network Technologies

A bachelor's degree in Network Technologies is offered for students seeking careers such as network analyst, network designers, network administrators, local area network specialist, distributed systems analyst, telecommunications analyst, and systems security administrators.

Possible Careers

  • Security Analyst
  • Network Administrator
  • Telecommunications Manager
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Network Programmer
  • Cryptographer/Cryptologist
  • LAN Administrator
Why Choose Network Technologies at WIU?

Our students have access to leading-edge computing technology in the School of Computer Sciences. You will gain experience on a variety of computing equipment.

  • Laboratories full of the latest microcomputers from Dell and Apple
  • A networking laboratory with CISCO networking equipment
  • Enterprise-class computers from SUN Microsystems
  • A large IBM Mainframe

With the experience you'll gain at WIU, you'll be well equipped to make key technology decisions during your working career. Our faculty have a variety of experience, degrees, and research interests. At WIU, you will learn from experts in the following areas:

  • artificial intelligence,
  • computer architecture,
  • computer graphics,
  • computer languages,
  • databases,
  • distributed processing,
  • networking,
  • simulation,
  • software engineering, and more!

At A Glance

  • Degrees Available: Bachelor of Science
  • Minor: No
  • Graduate Degree: No
  • Campus: Macomb
  • Study Opportunities: GradTrac, Honors


School of Computer Sciences
Stipes Hall 447
1 University Drive
Macomb, IL 61455-1390
Phone: (309) 298-1452
Fax: (309) 298-2302

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