Hospitality Management

Program Details

Students completing the hospitality management program earn a Bachelor of Science degree in hospitality management. Graduates are prepared for many different careers, including management positions in lodging, foodservice, event planning and catering.

The vision of the department is for graduates to be innovative, competent and critical-thinking professionals who provide leadership and service within the workplace and in a diverse, ever-changing environment. The mission of the department is to prepare students with the technical, human and conceptual skills for careers in consumer services.

The hospitality management program prepares students for careers in the lodging, foodservice and event planning industries. Students gain knowledge and professional skills in lodging operation systems, foodservice management and event planning and management. The program emphasizes hands-on learning experiences through lab work, field trips, travel studies, study abroad, internship placements, practicum and professional experience.

Special Opportunities in Hospitality Management

Students in the hospitality management program complete an internship of 240 work hours at the end of their coursework. The experiences are supervised and assist students in applying theory and skills in a work setting. Internship sites in the past have included AmeriSuites, Applebee’s, Best Western, Courtyard Marriott, Hyatt O’Hare, Lone Star Steakhouse, Ruby Tuesday’s, Sodexo, Tan-Tar-A Resort (Marriott), Holiday Inn, Joe’s Crab Shack, Stoney Creek Inn, Trump Tower, Lettuce Entertain You, Inc., Weaver Ridge, Wyndham Hotels, Jason’s Deli and McDonald’s Hamburger University.

Students apply their knowledge of food theory in the corporate kitchen, a professional food service kitchen laboratory with an adjacent dining facility. Lunches are served weekly to the WIU and Macomb community. Students are responsible for various roles, including front of the house manager, production manager and production staff for the meal.

Study Abroad programs also enhance the curriculum. Students have visited Australia, Peru, Spain, Ireland and England, earning college credits toward their major or minor.

Minors in hospitality management and event planning management are also available in this area.

Student Activities

Students have many choices in their selection of departmental organizations. Any student may be selected to join DFMH Ambassadors, a group of students representing the department at University functions, or Kappa Omicron Nu (KONu) honorary society, which is open to any student with a minimum of 45 overall semester hours and a 3.2 GPA at WIU. A chapter of the Hospitality Administration Association (HAA) is designed to introduce the student members to different career opportunities in the hospitality industry. The Food and Culture Club is a University group organized by the DFMH faculty with the support of other areas on campus to recognize and celebrate cultural customs and food.

Possible Careers in Hospitality Management

Career opportunities include lodging managers for large, full-service hotels, foodservice managers in restaurants, hotels, school cafeterias and other establishments that prepare and serve food, as well as management positions in marketing, advertising and retail sales in the hospitality industry.

Department Minors

  • Apparel and Textile Merchandising
  • Event Planning and Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Nutrition

Additional Resources

Course Descriptions

Please refer to the undergraduate catalog for detailed program information and course requirements.


150 (Formerly FCS 150) Introduction to Hospitality Management. (2) A review of the history, growth, and development of hospitality services including an exploration of career opportunities in contemporary hospitality operation.

151 (Formerly FCS 151) Principles of Safety, Security and Food Sanitation in Hospitality Operations. (2) Basic principles of sanitation, safety, and security in food, beverage, and lodging operations. Recommended to be taken concurrently with NUTR 152 and 153, or permission of instructor.

159 (Formerly FCS 159) Hospitality Practicum. (1, repeatable to 3) A course designed to give students practicum experience in the hospitality industry. May be waived for students with 200 hours of documented work experience. Prerequisite: HM 150.

190 (Formerly FCS 190) (Cross-listed with ATM 190 and NUTR 190) Introduction to Professional Practices. (1) This course is designed to introduce DFMH majors to program expectations specific to their careers. Students will be exposed to a variety of resources to aid them in their studies. Not open to students with credit in ATM 190 or NUTR 190.

250 (Formerly FCS 250) Quantity Food Production and Service. (2) Planning, production, and service of foods in a commercial/institutional food service operation. Prerequisites: HM 151 with successful ServSafe certification; NUTR 152 and 153. Corequisite: HM 251.

251 (Formerly FCS 251) Quantity Food Production and Service Laboratory. (1) Practice and application of planning, procurement, production, and service of foods in a commercial/institutional food service operation. Corequisite: HM 250.

253 (Formerly FCS 253) Foodservice Procurement. (3) Food markets, regulations, purchasing, procedures, specifications, and standards for procurement of food and equipment. Prerequisites: NUTR 152 and 153.

254 (Formerly FCS 254) Hospitality Facilities Management. (3) Introduction to building systems and facilities for hospitality operations. Prerequisite: HM 150.

255 (Formerly FCS 255) Front Office Management. (3) A study of the flow of activities and functions in today’s lodging operations. Topics include comparison of manual, machine-assisted, and computer-based methods for each front desk function. Prerequisite: HM 150. Activities outside of class and field trips are required.

256 (Formerly FCS 256) Bar and Beverage Management. (3) Principles of beverage science, mixology; bar and beverage management including controlling personnel, purchasing, inventory, and equipment; and legal issues related to clientele. Prerequisites: HM 150 and 21 years of age. Field trips will be required.

257 (Formerly FCS 257) Introduction to Club Management. (3) This course introduces students to the role of the food service manager in private clubs. The information presented includes the role of the food service manager in dealing with boards of directors and private club operations. Prerequisite: HM 150.

350 (Formerly FCS 350) Wedding Planning. (3) This course focuses on the wedding planning process and examines the role of the wedding planner in creating the couple’s timeline and budget, selection of wedding apparel, venue, photography, and music, while honoring features of traditional and non-traditional weddings. Prerequisites: FCS 150, RPTA 110, RPTA 111, or permission of the instructor.

353 (Formerly FCS 353) Foodservice Financial Systems. (3) Introduction to the principles and procedures employed in the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI). Prerequisites: HM 250, 251, 255.

354 (Formerly FCS 354) Hospitality Promotions. (3) Study of marketing concepts, methods, and techniques used in the hospitality industry with emphasis on event promotion, customer retention, research, and data analysis. Prerequisite: HM 255.

356 (Formerly FCS 356) Catering. (2) Principles of catering management including staffing, recipe and menu development, procurement, production, presentation and service, and cost analysis. Prerequisites: HM 250 and 251. 1 hr. lect.; 3 hrs. lab.

357 (Formerly FCS 357) Professional Experience in Food Service/Lodging Operations. (3) Experience in day-to-day operation and management of a foodservice or lodging operation department, including experience in supervision, financial management, and evaluation. Prerequisites: HM 250 and 251.

358 (Formerly FCS 358) Hospitality Management Travel Studies. (1–6, repeatable to 6) Studies of domestic and international properties, facilities, and agencies which are related to the hospitality industry. Prerequisites: HM 250, 254, 255, and junior standing.

359 (Formerly FCS 258 and FCS 359) Legal Aspects in Hospitality Management. (3) Survey of laws applied to hospitality establishments with emphasis on managerial approach to solving or avoiding potential tort and contractual violations while managing hospitality establishment. Prerequisites: HM 250 and 254.

451 (Formerly FCS 451) Hospitality Systems Management. (3) An exploration of theories, principles, and functions of management as they apply to food service operations. Emphasis placed on qualitative and quantitative evaluations of food service operations. Prerequisites: HM 353, MGT 349, and senior standing.

452 (Formerly FCS 452) Wines of the World. (2) Indepth study of wine producing areas of the world and foods that are specifically paired with those vintages. The course includes international to local vineyards and their unique wine products. Industry accepted tasting method presented. Prerequisites: HM 150 or permission of department advisor, and 21 years of age.

453 (Formerly FCS 453) Lodging Systems Management. (3) An exploration of theories, principles, and functions of management as they apply to lodging service operations. Emphasis on strategic planning and strategic management of lodging systems operations. Writing Instruction in the Discipline WID course. Prerequisites: HM 353, ENG 180 and 280, and MGT 349.

454 (Formerly FCS 454) Seminar in Hospitality Management. (3, repeatable to 6 on different topics and issues) Review and discussion of technological, operational, and human advancement in hospitality services. Emphasis on communications, human resource development, research, and quality control in the hospitality industry. Prerequisite: HM 451 or 453.

455 (Formerly FCS 455) (Cross-listed with RPTA 455) Casino Operations. (3) Description of basic casino operations and principles of casino marketing, mathematics of casino games, and utility analysis of gaming motivation and gaming addictions. Exploration of career opportunities in the gaming industry. Historical background and impact of gaming on hospitality industry. Not open to students with credit in RPTA 455. Prerequisites: HM 150; HM 353 or RPTA 322 or RPTA 323.

456 (Formerly FCS 456) Independent Study in Hospitality Management. (1–3) This course is available to students interested in topics not currently part of the curriculum. Students should consult the advisor or department chair about interest(s). Prerequisites: senior standing and permission of the instructor and department chair.

458 (Formerly FCS 458) Pre-Internship in Hospitality Management. (1) Development of personal professional documents and portfolio. Investigating possible internships and securing an internship. To be taken the semester before the internship. Prerequisites: HM 250, 251, 254, 255, and junior standing.

459 (Formerly FCS 459) Hospitality Management Internship. (6) Supervised field experience for application of theory and skills in an agency or property approved by the department. Sixty-five clock hours per semester hour are required. Prerequisites: HM 458; senior standing; GPA of 2.5 in four of the five specific courses: HM 353, 354, 451, 453, or 454; site approved by the department; approval of internship coordinator or department chair. Graded S/U only.

477 (Formerly FCS 477) (Cross-listed with ATM 477) Theory and Research in Apparel Merchandising and Hospitality Management. (3) A study of theory, research methods, and analytical concepts in apparel and textile merchandising, hospitality management, and nutrition. Not open to students with credit in ATM 477. Prerequisites: STAT 171 and junior standing.

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