Bachelor of Arts in Art Studio

The Department of Art offers the Bachelor of Arts degree to students seeking an art major in the studio area and a minor in a department outside the art area.

Preparation includes the development of technical and creative skills, exposure to a broad range of media and a background in the historical study of art. The Bachelor of Arts Studio major provides the opportunity for students to experience a broad educational experience while still requiring a strong concentration in art.

Possible Careers

  • Artist
  • Graphic Design
  • Visual Communication

and provides excellent preparation for selected advanced degrees.

Why Choose Studio Art at WIU?

Aligned with Illinois state standards, successful graduates will be prepared to:

  • Understand the sensory elements, organizational principles, and expressive qualities of the visual arts.
  • Understand the commonalities, distinctions, and connections in and among the fine arts.
  • Understand the process and production of the visual arts.
  • Apply knowledge and skills necessary to create expressively and with technical proficiency in a range of media and processes.
  • Analyze how the visual arts function in history, society and everyday life.
  • Understand how the visual arts shape and reflect history, society, and everyday life.
  • Understand and will able to apply pedagogical knowledge and skills appropriate to the teaching of the visual arts.

The curriculum consists of General Education; a 45 semester hour art major that requires an Art Core; specialized courses from a full range of studio offerings; and courses in art history; as well as courses for a minor and free electives.

Some of Our Graduates
  • Thomas Jackson - Painting - BA 1972 -
    Thomas Jackson cites numerous artists as influences and heroes. Among them are former WIU ART faculty Bruce Bobick who Tom sites as inspiring the development of technique in his work.

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At A Glance

  • Degree Available: Bachelor of Arts
  • Minor Available? Yes
  • Graduate Degree Available? No
  • Campus: Macomb
  • Study Opportunities: GradTrac, Honors, Teacher Certification, Graduate Studies

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