Interdisciplinary Studies

The Interdisciplinary Studies program offers creative alternatives for students interested in emerging fields of study, such as Renewable Energy, and, more generally, for students whose academic needs and interests do not conform to the traditional major. The Interdisciplinary Studies degree programs are individually designed and are tailored to the personal academic and professional objectives of each student. The program is also interdisciplinary/cross-disciplinary in spirit and practice and, thus, challenges students to make deliberate, thoughtful, and meaningful choices in developing a coherent plan of study that draws on resources from two or more academic departments.

One of the goals of the Interdisciplinary Studies program is to encourage and support students who wish to take an active role in creating their own educational experience. The Interdisciplinary Studies Coordinator is there to help students define and think clearly about their objectives, provide them with resources important in their decision making, and offer guidance in the design of their course of study.

In addition to designing a personalized curriculum, students may also choose the Youth Development Concentration which provides the opportunity to develop skills necessary in a broad range of careers in nonprofit youth and human service organizations. Professionals in these organizations play pivotal roles in making a difference in their communities and in the lives of others.