Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies.

Students in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program may self-design individualized programs of study leading to either the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. These students may select courses from several departments, take courses leading to a liberal program of study, or select courses in preparation for certain graduate programs that do not require a specific undergraduate major.

Students may also pursue concentrations in:

The Youth Development Concentration will enable students to develop skills necessary in a broad range of careers in nonprofit youth and human service organizations which seek to assist young people in developing the capacities needed to live a quality life. Professionals in these organizations play pivotal roles in making a difference in the lives of others and in their communities.

The Renewable Energy Concentrations will enable students to develop skills necessary in a broad range of careers in the biofuels industry, wind energy industry, or in developing policy, project planning, and management in a variety of renewable energy industries.

Internships are required in the concentration curricula and are encouraged in the self-designed program. Internships must incorporate relevant work site experiences and serve to provide opportunities for practical application of classroom knowledge in preparation to meet students’ long term goals.

The Interdisciplinary Studies Program is intended to give students transferable skills. Courses articulated in the concentrations or those selected by the student in consultation with his/her advisor encourage students to think critically, comprehend what they read, communicate orally, and write effectively. In addition, students may enroll in an internship to help them incorporate relevant work-site experiences with academic courses they have taken or plan to take.

Honors Curriculum

Academically qualified students are welcome to complete an honors curriculum in University Honors. For more information about honors curricula and honors admission criteria, see the Centennial Honors College catalog page or visit the Centennial Honors College website.

At A Glance

  • Degrees Available:
    • B.A.
    • B.S.
  • Major: Yes
  • Minor: Optional with Concentrations
  • Graduate Degree: No
  • Campus: Macomb
  • Study Opportunities:
    • Honors

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