Caption Request Form

Video captioning is required by law for all WIU videos placed on the web for public consumption, and for any web based video used for educational purposes to which an individual with a hearing (or relevant) disability needs access.

While it is the responsibility of the individual or department placing the video on the web to ensure that the video is captioned, in compliance with the law, limited assistance may be available through the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access (EOA).

When requesting captioning assistance it is recommended that a transcript of the videos be provided by the area producing the video whenever possible. The EOA Office can assist with captioning videos if one or more of the following exists:

  • You own the video and have uploaded it to WIU's Official YouTube channel
  • You have contacted the owner of a video and he/she is willing to upload the captions
  • The video(s) resides on WIU's public web space
  • The video is posted online in the following formats Ogg, WebM, flv, mp4, and in the following locations YouTube, Vimeo, Blip, or Dailymotion.

Priority for captioning assistance will be given to videos that provide transcripts and/or are being housed on the University's public YouTube channel. *Note* Captioning support for copyrighted videos will only be provided after receipt of written authorization fromt he owner of the copyright.

For captioning assistance:

  1. Complete the captioning assistance request form below and provide all information requested.
  2. Once submitted, the information from the completed form will be forwarded to the appropriate EOA Officer who will then log the video into the Universal Subtitles website and assign the video to a member of the captioning pool.
  3. Once the video is captioned, the captioner will notify the EOA Officer who assigned him/her the video so that it may be reviewed.
  4. Upon successful completion of the captioning the EOA officer will email the synchronized caption to the requester. This file will need to be uploaded onto the original video by the requester before the captions will be visible.

Please note: The finalized caption should immediately be uploaded/attached to the original video upon receipt from the EOA Office. The EOA Officer will monitor compliance by ensuring that the caption is attached to the video in a timely fashion. If the caption is not attached within 7 days of receipt, the owner will be notified and the video will be removed from the official WIU YouTube channel or public website.

Videos found on the University’s YouTube channel or public website that have not been captioned should be reported to the EOA Office so that the appropriate video owner/editor can be contacted.

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