Web Accessibility Committee

The Web Accessibility Committee includes representatives from across the WIU campus community. The committee strives to provide awareness to the campus community of the need to develop web resources using accessible design strategies, and provide resources and guidance how to achieve that goal.

The committee supports awareness campaigns and training activities related to web accessibility, and works with the office of Equal Opportunity and Access to provide necessary reporting to the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

Committee membership:

  • Richard Chamberlain, Executive Director University Technology - Co-Chair
  • Andrea Henderson, Equal Opportunity and Access - Co-Chair
  • Barb Arvin, College of Business & Technology
  • Mahrya Carncross, Malpass library (Faculty Senate appointment, until Fall 2018)
  • Karin Chouinard, WIU-QC Technology
  • Jason Eveland, College of Education and Human Services
  • Beth Hansen, Mathematics (Faculty Senate appointment, until Fall 2016)
  • Tammy Honesty, Theatre & Dance (Faculty Senate appointment, until Fall 2017)
  • Matthew Housewright, Administrative Information Management Systems
  • Teresa Koltzenburg, University Relations
  • Jessica Lambert, University Relations
  • Suzanne Litchfield, University Registrar
  • Tami McCoy, Equal Opportunity and Access
  • Jeremy Merritt, University Technology
  • Digger Oster, Administrative Services
  • Khaing Saw, College of Fine Arts and Communication
  • Anita Sells, Human Resources
  • Sarah Settles, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research
  • Anna Valeva, Economics and Decision Sciences (Faculty Senate appointment, until Fall 2017)
  • Carrie Van Vleet, Alumni Association
  • Angela Ward, Disability Resource Center
  • Lora Wolff, Educational Studies (Faculty Senate appointment, until Fall 2018)

Updated November 5, 2015.