Admissions COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

We are working to support your college decision through the COVID-19 outbreak. Our priority is for you to be safe and for our college community to be safe.

This page provides questions and answers that you may have during this time. As always, we are here for you. Please reach out with other questions at or (309) 298-3157.

General Undergraduate Admissions Information

Is the Undergraduate Admissions office open?

The physical office is closed. We are still providing our full range of services to students through remote and virtual methods. We are accepting applications, receiving transcripts, sending out admissions decisions and are able to connect with you in a variety of ways.

Are staff available for questions?

Yes! Staff are working on a regular schedule remotely. Please see contact information in the next question.

How can I contact the office?
What virtual experiences are available?
What is the university doing as a result of the COVID-19 virus?

Please see the University COVID-19 web page at

Admitted Student Questions

When can I register for fall classes?

You can register now through the start of the fall semester. Log in to your STARS account and follow the Next Steps. There is no pressure or rush to register. We are here for you when you are ready.

Is Summer Orientation still taking place? 

Yes! Orientation will be virtual this summer. If you have already selected a date, your virtual orientation will take place on that date. If you need to select a date or change your current reservation, log in to your STARS account and select the date from the Next Steps area.

Do I have to commit by May 1?

No. You may commit to WIU at any time. Summer Orientation takes place in May and June. You may reserve your Summer Orientation date when you are ready.

Who can I speak with about financial concerns?

Our financial aid office can help you with questions. Please e-mail or visit their website for more information.

Can I defer my admission until the uncertainty dies down? 

Yes, if you are taking a semester or year off and not attending another college or univeristy, you can change your enrollment to a future term. Contact us at to start this process. 

If you are going to attend a community college or another university and plan to transfer to WIU later, please contact Interim Director of Transfer Services at to start this process. 


Prospective Student Questions

How can I send transcripts to WIU?

If you can contact your school counselor or Registrar Office (transfer students), please have your transcripts sent electronically to We will also accept unofficial transcripts during this time. You can go to your student portal and send a grade report or provide an unofficial copy you have in your possession.

How can I send my test scores to WIU?

You can contact SAT ( or ACT ( to have official scores sent to WIU. WIU will also accept scores from your transcripts, if your school is able to send them at this time. Students who have earned a 2.75 GPA or higher are not required to send a test score and will be admitted through our test optional admission policy. Sending an official score is recommended for scholarships and placement purposes.

Can I apply to WIU?

Yes, you can. We will continue to accept applications up to the start of classes for a semester for both freshmen and transfers. We also have our full, automatic scholarship program available until the start of the semester. Apply here.

What is the scholarship deadline for Fall 2020?

Our full range of Admissions-awarded automatic scholarships are available until the start of the fall semester. These scholarships are available for both freshmen and transfers. Please see what you would qualify for on our Scholarships site.

I did not take the ACT/SAT. Can I still apply?

Yes! WIU is test optional for high school students. If you have a 2.75 GPA or higher (on a 4.0 scale), you will be admitted based on the GPA.

My high school or college has switched to a pass/fail grading system for Spring 2020. How will that impact my admission? 

If you are already admitted, pass/fail grades from your high school not impact your admission at WIU. If you have not been admitted yet, we will use the GPA on your transcript to determine your admission decision. 

For transfer students, a course with a grade of 'P' will transfer to WIU as an 'S' grade. It will not impact your GPA.