About University Advising

We help students who enter the university without declaring a major to explore different fields of study prior to declaring a major in a specific discipline.

  • 20 - 30% of all freshmen choose this program
  • Many other students will switch during or after their first semester
  • Students may remain in the program until they have accumulated 45 semester hours.

Is This Program For Me?

Unsure of your major? Then the University Advising Program is the right place for you! Check out more information about being an undeclared student in our brochure.

What is General Education?

The General Education requirements at Western Illinois University describe the core courses that all students must take in order to graduate regardless of their major.

How do I know which major to choose? 

Majors may be more personally rewarding if they have a close match to;

  • your interests
  • your personality
  • your talents
  • your skills
  • align with your values

The more information you have about yourself, majors and careers, the easier it is to choose a major.

We Have Helped Many Students and Can Help You Too!

Our professional Advisors in UAASC can help you in the process of deciding on a major by guiding you through four steps:

  • self-assessment
  • major and career research
  • decision making
  • goal setting

Advisors are full time academic support professionals committed to student success.

As experienced mentors and resource people, they recognize that some students will experience difficulties adjusting to university life. In addition to assisting with course selection, advisors help students explore major and career options and facilitate their transition to college life.  

Students who choose this program (rather than a major) upon entering the university will not be at a disadvantage. All students take classes in the General Education Curriculum, which provides exposure to a variety of areas of study.


University Advising students get the advantage of exploring areas of interest while making progress toward their degree. 

Nationally, undeclared and exploratory students represent a significant proportion of the entering student body at most colleges and universities.

Did you know? The University Advising Program is the largest major for entering freshmen at Western.

Many other students (between 60% -75%) who declare a major when beginning university studies, change their major at least once before they graduate (National Academic Advising Association, Commission on Undecided/Exploratory Students).  

You're in GREAT Company

It is common for undeclared students to worry about not having a major. They might feel that they should hurry and make a choice quickly - but it is completely normal to explore different academic options at Western. This allows you to make the best informed decision - for YOU. 

Let us help you plan for your education!