Derek SteeleDerek Steele 2003

Degree: B.S. Instructional Technology and Telecommunications / B.A. Communications - Broadcasting


Business Information:  Supervisory Attorney for the Department of Labor

Advice for Freshmen: This was the best advice I received as a Freshman: make sure to get the best grade point average you can in your first semester.  It is much harder to bring up a low grade point average then it is to bring down a strong grade point average.  I would also say take these next four years to find out who you are and realize that who are you in college will most likely be very different from who you are 10 years from now.  Finally, never stop reading as it is the key to life-long knowledge.

Favorite WIU Memory: I have many favorite WIU memories, but meeting my wife, Lakeisha Steele, during WIU Homecoming in 2002 has to top the list.

Family/Hobbies:  I am married to Lakeisha Steele a WIU alumna ('04).  We have a dog - Coates.  We live in the Washington, DC area and very much miss the food in the midwest, especially pizza.  My hobbies include scuba diving, photography, art history and travel.