College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. P. James Nielsen

The P. James Nielsen Scholarship was established in January 2001 in honor of Dr. P. James Nielsen, former professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Western Illinois University. Dr. Nielsen joined the faculty in 1968 and taught students interested in pursuing careers in the sciences and medical profession for more than 35 years.

During his tenure, Dr. Nielsen taught freshman Biology, Protozoology, Animal Physiology, Human Physiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Physiological Response to Drugs, the Biology of Aging, Introduction to Health Careers and Cell Physiology. His former students characterized him as tough, fair and thought provoking. He also served as the pre-health professions advisor for more than 33 years at WIU. During this time, more than 250 students completed study in medical schools, 100 in dental schools, 50 in optometry schools and 50 in veterinary medicine. In addition, 25 graduate students completed their master's research and 26 undergraduates completed their honors research in his laboratory.