Department of Biological Sciences

Biology Event Calendar

October 2014 Events

  • October 8 seminar, Phil Scheibel, WIU
  • October 1 seminar, Dr. Sean Maher, Missouri State University

September 2014 Events

  • September 24 seminar, Dr. Melinda Faulkner, Bradley University
  • September 10 seminar, Shiou-Ruei Lin, Tea Research and Extension Station, Taiwan
  • September 3 Welcome Department Potluck

April 2014 Events

  • April 30 BGSA/RISE potluck
  • April 16 Thomas E. Helm Undergraduate Research Day
  • April 9 seminar Dr. John Marlin -ISTC
  • April 4 Biology Student Research Symposium

March 2014 Events

  • March 19 seminar, Dr. Richard Musser - WIU.  Investigating the Interactome of plant-herbivore interactions.
  • March 12 SPRING BREAK!
  • March 5 seminar, Dr. John Logsdon - UI

February 2014 Events

  • February 28 Friday seminar: Dr. Guoquing Lu - UN at Omaha.  Asian carp, friend or foe? Depends on where you live.
  • February 19 Wednesday special alumnus seminar: Josh Sherwood - INHS.  From prairie streams to field drains: Changes in the stream fish communities of Champaign County over the past century.
  • February 14 Friday special alumnus seminar: Dr. Tanya Soule - IUPU.  The cyanobacterial sunscreen scytonemin and its relationship to ultraviolet radiation, oxidative stress, and the production o9f extracellular polysaccharides.
  • February 5 Biology Graduate Student Association (BGSA) department potluck.

January 2014 Events

  • January 29 Wednesday seminar: Dr. Shawn Meagher - WIU.  Host specificity in "white grub," a flatworm parasite of game fishes.

November 2013 Events

  • November 22 Biology Day for high school students.   Registration forms and information.
  • November 20 Wednesday seminar:  Dr. Ana Calvo-NIU.  Advances in global regulation of fungal secondary metabolism. 
  • November 15 Friday seminar: Chris Dunlap-USDA, Peoria. 
  • November 6 Wednesday seminar: BGSA Special Activity - Department Potluck.  

October 2013 Events

  • October 30 Wednesday seminar: Dr. Andrew Miller-INHS - U of I.  Fungal biodiversity studies in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
  • October 23 Wednesday seminar: Dr. Phillip Willink-Shedd Aquarium.  Endangered species, invasive species, and aquatic habitats: Conservation of Northern Illinois fishes.
  • October 9 Wednesday seminar: Dr. Kevin Cummings-INHS.  Global diversity of freshwater mussels: The Mussel Project, 10 years and counting.
  • October 2 Wednesday seminar: Special alumnus, Jim Lamer.  Asian carp hybridization: Prevalence, distribution, and post-zygotic success in the Mississippi River basin.

September 2013 Events

  • September 27 Friday seminar: Dr. Patricia Kelley-UNC-Wilmington. Evolution and creation: Conflicting or compatible?
  • September 25 Wednesday seminar:  Jason Willand-SIU (alumnus special speaker).  Ecological restoration in the 21st century: Lessons from the past and directions for the future.
  • September 20 Friday seminar:  Jun Wang-Hunan Normal University, Changsha, China. Distant hybridization in fish.
  • September 19 Thursday seminar: Kenny Kusimba-WIU grad student.  Wildlife behavior in urban-rural Chicago, IL, Cook County.
  • September 11 Wednesday seminar:  Dr. Thomas H Alton-WIU.  What I (had been; am now, and hope to be) thinking about in biology.
  • September 4 Wednesday seminar: Dr. Shawn Meagher-WIU. Thinking like a scientist: A historical perspective.

August 2013 Events

  • August 28 Wednesday seminar: Dr. John Pearson-DNR.  Savoring and saving nature: My career in applied ecology.

May 2013 Events

  • May 1 Wednesday seminar: Meshack Afitlhile-WIU. The role of Arabidopsis thaliana Toc159 gene family in the synthesis
    and desaturation of glycerolipids.

April 2013 Events

  • April 17 Wednesday seminar: Ken McCravy-WIU. Terrestrial Invertebrate Research: The First Ten Years
  • April 10 Wednesday seminar: Jeff Engel-WIU. Dynamics of the startle response of flies. 
  • April 5 Friday Student Research Day. Keynote Speaker: Jessica Whitham – Brookfield Zoo. 
    The Road to Animal Welfare Research: From Grunts to Greetings to Great Well-Being.
  • April 4 Thursday Student Research Symposium talk 3:00 PM:  Dr. May Berenbaum - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. 
    Sex and the Single Parsnip: Coping with Florivores and Pollinators in Two Hemispheres.
    April 4, Thursday, 7:00 PM, Lecture, Sandburg Theater.  Dr. Berenbaum - Honey Bees in America: State of Affairs
    and Affairs of State.

March 2013 Events

  • March 1: Secondary Science Education Conference
  • March 20 Wednesday seminar: Kevin Johnson-INHS. The tree of lice: The history of host-parasite coevolution
  • March 6 Wednesday seminar: Michael Bowman – USDA. Analysis of Biofuel Feedstock Oligosaccharides to Develop Improved Enzymatic Treatments

February 2013 Events

  • February 20 Wednesday seminar: Donald Wicklow – USDA. Fungal Metabolites Supporting Symptomless Infection and Survival
    in Maize.
  • February 13 Wednesday seminar: Graig Cady - Bradley University. Progress Towards A Cell Based Therapy For Ovarian Cancer.
  • February 6 Wednesday noon seminar: Jonathan Breitenbach –USDA. Insect Virology:  Understanding and Applying 300 Million Years of Biological Brinksmanship

January 2013 Events

  • January 30 Wednesday noon seminar: Jennifer Jost - Bradley University. AMPK activity as an indicator of seasonal
    temperature acclimation in the zebra mussel, Dreissena polymorpha
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