Department of Biological Sciences

H. Herbert Edwards, Professor Emeritus

H. Herbert Edwards

Fungal infection in plants, soybean rust disease

Contact Information:

Waggoner Hall 263
(309) 298-1373
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Ph.D. - Wisconsin-Madison, 1965

Research Interests:

Cell biology of obligate parasitism in plants; electron microscopy; infection process of powdery mildews and soybean rusts.


Bonde, Mo, and Herb Edwards. 2006. Biology of soybean rust. Host and host-rust interactions. National Soybean Rust Symposium (November 29-December 1, 2006, St. Louis, MO.)

Koh, Serry, Aurelie Andre, Herb Edwards, David Ehrhardt, and Shauna Somerville. 2005. Arabidopsis thaliana subcellular responses to compatible Erysiphe cichoracearum infections. Plant Journal 44(3):516-29.

Ramonell, Katrina, Marta Berrocal-Lobo, Serry Koh, Jinrong Wan, Herb Edwards, Gary Stacey, and Shauna Somerville. 2005. Loss-of-function mutations in chitin responsive genes show increased susceptibility to the powdery mildew pathogen Erysiphe cichoracearum. Plant Physiology 138:1027-1036.

Assaad, Farhah F., Jin-Long Qiu, Heather Youngs, David Ehrhardt, Laurent Zimmerli, Monika Kalde, Gehard Wanner, Scott C. Peck, Herb Edwards, Katrina Ramonell, Chris R. Somerville, and Hans Thordal-Christensen. 2004. The PEN1 syntaxin defines a novel cellular compartment upon fungal attack and is required for the timely assembly of papillae.  Molecular Biology of the Cell 15:5118-5129.

Nishimura, M.T., M. Stein, B.-H. Hou, J.P. Vogel, Herb H. Edwards, and S.C. Somerville. 2003. Loss of callose synthase results in salicylic acid-dependent disease resistance.  Science 301:969-972.