Department of Biological Sciences

Biology Graduate Student Association

The BGSA is a Western Illinois University organization that promotes interest in the biological sciences and provides fellowship among students and faculty.

Our Mission:

We represent graduate student needs and desires in regard to post-baccalaureate education and research in the biological sciences at Western Illinois University. We provide a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas to benefit the biology community.

BGSA meeting minutes, 4/23/14


BGSA Officers:

  • President: Brooke Bryant
  • Vice President: Scott Pinker
  • Treasurer: Terri Tobias
  • Records Officer: Katrina Sandona
  • Faculty Liaison: Jason Tuter

Biology Day Committee

  • Brooke Bryant

Adopt-a-Classroom / Recruitment Committee

  • Terri Tobias
  • Brooke Bryant
  • Myrtha Pierre
  • Scott Pinker
  • Ryan Deaver

Graduate Student Research Symposium, 2014