Department of Biological Sciences

Facilities and Station Use

The layout of the station consists of five buildings, including a restored 19th-century farmhouse providing living quarters for the site manager and his family, and two large storage buildings used to house watercraft, machinery, and sampling equipment.

bAnother 19th-century farmhouse (Frank house) was remodeled and expanded to accommodate two classrooms, a kitchen/dining area, bathrooms, office space, and two small laboratories. The newest facility is a 4,200-square-foot multiple-use building with two dormitory wings that can house a total of 48 people. The building also has a modern kitchen, dining facility and showers. The whole building is handicap accessible.

The wide variety of aquatic and terrestrial communities at the Station and in the vicinity provides excellent opportunities for studies and instruction in field ecology and biology. The sandbars, islands, and sloughs of the Mississippi River are easily accessible. Floodplain forests occur along the shoreline of the river while upland oak dominated forests are located on ridges and tops of the bluffs. Limestone outcroppings and hill prairies are commonly found on more xeric exposed sites. Rocky intermittent streams are found in the valleys and hollows. Two large tracts of restored tallgrass prairie are also being actively managed at the station.

Research at the Frank House Lab