Department of Biological Sciences

Annual Biology Day For High School Students

Biology Day - November 15, 2019
Registration Form due November 11, 2019

Location: Waggoner Hall
Registration begins at 8:00, events begin at 8:15, events close at 2 pm

Biology Day is an annual event that gives high school students the opportunity to explore the field of Biology and participate in one of two academic competitions.

Hall Competition: Students will have the opportunity to participate in the hall competition. In the hall competition, students walk the halls of Waggoner Hall, examine the various display cases, and answer questions about those displays.

(NOTE TO TEACHERS: We want the students to be able to participate in the morning presentations. Please encourage your students to work through the hall competition questions efficiently.)

Seminars: Students are invited to attend many different seminars in the morning. The seminars are designed for high school biology students. They will include a wide variety of topics and will be given by both WIU faculty and students. Many of the topics will explore recent research while others will focus on career issues.

Actual Freshman Lecture: Students will also have the opportunity to listen to a freshman level biology lecture.

Biology Bowl: Schools are invited to organize teams of four students to participate in the .

Important Information

  • Food: Your students will be on their own for lunch. There are several places food can be purchased in the Student Union.

  • Student supervision: Please plan to supervise your students while they are on the campus of Western Illinois University. They will need help finding rooms, finding lunch opportunities, etc., and should not wander off to the campus bowling alley.

  • Parking: When you arrive, the closest parking is 0.75 miles east of Waggoner Hall in the parking area for the WIU Credit Union, University Child Care/Pact Headstart, and Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center. Drop your students off and then park your vehicle in the lot. You can also ride the WIU bus system: The green route picks up passengers in this parking lot and then drives directly west towards Waggoner Hall. Just ask the bus driver to let you know when to get off. Green busses should come through the parking lot every seven minutes.

Forms and Information

  • Schedule of Events
  • Registration Form 

  • The Biology Bowl Competition is designed to allow teams of four students from different schools to compete with one another regarding their biological content knowledge. Trophies and prizes will be awarded for first, second, and third place teams. The first contest will begin at 9:30 am. Each contest will last for 15 minutes with a 5 minute intermission between contests. Read the rules!

  • Biology Bowl Rules

  • Photography Release Form: We'd like to recognize our Biology Bowl winners with photographs on our webpage. However, to do so we need to have the parents of these students sign a waiver form indicating that we have permission to use the student's picture.

    PLEASE have your Biology Bowl students get their parents to fill out and sign the form , and either mail the permission forms back with the registration form OR bring the permission forms along on the day of the event. If students do not have the forms, or if they or their parents do not want their picture used, we will not include them in the picture of the winning teams.