Department of Biological Sciences

Career Options

High School Science Teacher

The degree option is specifically designed to allow our graduates to obtain their teaching license in to teach science in grades 9-12 upon completion of their degree plan.  Our graduates will be eligible to teach all non-honors and non-advanced placement science courses - biology, chemistry, physics, Earth and Space science, and ecology – at the high school level AND be able to teach honors and advanced placement courses in their major and all other content areas for which they have a special designation.  Most of our graduates complete their program eligible to teach honors and advanced placement courses in at least two areas of science.  (Illinois State Board of Education :  Illinois Licensure, Endorsements, and Approval Requirements – pdf – see pp. 11-12 for more information about secondary science)


Corporate Trainer

Many corporations hire trainers to help new hires learn important skills or retrain existing employees to learn new skills.  Because of the unique background of our graduates having both a strong science content background and teaching skills, they fill a unique niche. 


Education Specialist - Free Choice Science Education Settings

Educational Specialists at Free Choice settings develop a variety of resources for the setting and for those who frequent the setting including school groups, scouting groups, community groups, family groups, etc.  Free Choice Settings include the following kinds of places:

  • Zoos and Aquaria
  • Museums
  • Nature Centers
  • Planetariums
  • State and National Parks

Careers in the Discipline

Careers in Biology

Careers in Chemistry

Careers in Physics