Department of Biological Sciences

Secondary Science Education - Program

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Illinois Science Education LogoOur Secondary Science Education Program is nationally recognized by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). Faculty members representing Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geology, Meteorology, and Physics have worked together to develop a well-rounded program for students preparing to teach at the secondary level. Students combine a study of all science disciplines (physics, chemistry, biology, and the Earth and space sciences) with a study of teaching foundations and various field and clinical experiences as they complete the major. Currently, students may select one of three degree options within which to major: Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.

Students earn a Baccalaureate of Science (BS) degree in their discipline and NSTA Logo satisfy State requirements needed to obtain a secondary teaching license as they complete the degree program. Most students complete sufficient hours to be eligible to attain primary endorsements in one or two additional science fields.