Department of Biological Sciences

Honors Program

The Honors Program encourages motivated students to do original biological research, and is an exciting component of our department. If you are interested in the honors program, read the requirements below, or contact Ms Vickie Livingston at

Requirements for Honors Scholar in Biological Sciences

Complete all requirements for B.S. Biology degree:
Freshman and Sophomore Years:
  • 6 hrs. General Honors coursework
  • 1 hr. GH 299
Junior Year:
  • Honor students take Biology 470H Honors Seminar for 1 hour in the fall.
    • Students listen to presentations by biology faculty about their research interests and projects that are available to students for honors research.
    • Students identify choices for an honor project advisor.
    • The Honors Program Coordinator matches student with advisor based on student?schoice and faculty availability.
    • Each student selects an honors project with approval of faculty advisor.
  • Honor students take Biology 470H Honors Seminar for 1 hour in the fall.
    • Students do a literature search and background reading for the honors project with the guidance of your faculty advisor.
    • Each student prepares a grant proposal that might be submitted to seek funding for the project.
    • Each student presents the planned honors project proposal, in seminar format, to other honors students.
Senior Year
  • Summer/Fall/Spring- Botany/Microbiology/Zoology 477H Honors Research 3 hrs.
    • Students conduct research, with the supervision of faculty advisor, as detailed in honors project proposal.
  • Summer/Fall/Spring (following BMZ 477H ) Biology 478 Honors Thesis 3 hrs. In spring, each student presents their results at the Biology Student Research Symposium

    • Students write an honors thesis, with the guidance of faculty advisor, on BMZ 477H research
    • Students defend honors thesis to the satisfaction of faculty advisor and representatives of the Honors Committee.