Pre-Professional Program in Chemical Engineering

 Students who wish to pursue studies in Pre-Chemical Engineering should contact an academic advisor in the Department of Chemistry.

Freshman Year
Fall Semester

CHEM 201; ENG 180; MATH 133; PHYS 211

Spring Semester

CHEM 202; MATH 134; PHYS 212; Electives

Sophomore Year
Fall Semester

CHEM 331; MATH 231; PHYS 213; Electives

Spring Semester

CS 225; CHEM 332; ENG 280

Pre-Chemical Engineering students should maintain at least a 3.00 (A=4.00) grade point average. Isolated D grades are accepted under certain conditions and may count toward graduation. Transfer students will not be admitted to the University of Illinois unless they have completed 60 s.h. of acceptable credit, excluding credit earned in basic Kinesiology courses. Credits earned in college to remove high school deficiencies in Mathematics will count as part of the 60 s.h.