msDr. Mette Soendergaard, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

1 University Circle
540A Currens Hall
Macomb, IL 61455


Work: (309) 298-1714
Fax: (309) 298-2180



Additional Information


BSc. Biology-Biotechnology, University of Copenhagen, 2007.
MSc. Biology-Biotechnology, University of Copenhagen, 2009.
Ph.D. Biochemistry, University of Missouri at Columbia, 2014.

Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9:00 am-10:20 am
or by appointment

Teaching Areas

  • CHEM 425-01 Biochemistry of Human Disease- Syllabus
  • CHEM 421-21 Biochemistry Lab-Syllabus

Research Interests

Identification of cancer targeting ligands, using phage display technology, for detection and imaging of malignant tumors. Cancer imaging and detection is tremendously important, when it comes to giving patient live saving treatment. Early detection of tumors significantly increases survival rates, and it is, therefore, crucial to identify new biomarkers and ligands specific to cancer cells.

Phage display is a technique that allows selection of ligands from large libraries, in which random ligand sequences are displayed on phage coat proteins. Cancer targeting ligands, such as peptides and antibodies, can be identified by phage display selections against cancer cells. Selected ligands may subsequently be used in tumor imaging or detection.