Department of Chemistry
College of Arts and Sciences

Major Program: The Department of Chemistry offers a program leading to the Bachelor of
Science in Chemistry with Pharmacy option. The BS Chemistry with Pharmacy option is a
focused degree in chemistry that emphasizes the chemical nature, effect, action, and metabolism
of drugs. This program is unique as no other pharmacy options to B.S. Chemistry or B.S.
Biology degrees are identified (either on the web or through the American Chemical Society or
the American Institute for Biological Sciences).

Western Illinois University’s B.S. Chemistry—Pharmacy option program targets those students
who seek a career as a pharmacist (Pharm. D) or pharmacologist (Ph.D.), but would also benefit
students who wish to work in the pharmaceutical or biotech industries at the B.S. or M.S. level.
The pharmacy option will also be very useful to those students who are seeking careers in
forensic pharmacology, pharmaceutical sales, or as certified pharmacy technicians, pharmacy
assistants, and other healthcare professionals. Pharmaceutical science is one of the most exciting
branches of chemistry. It has seen enormous growth in the past 30 years. As medical knowledge
increases new drugs are constantly being designed, developed, and formulated. With an aging
population in the United States employment in the health care industry is likely to increase over
the next couple decades.

Career Opportunities: Individuals trained as chemists with a focus in pharmacy have a variety
of employment opportunities available. The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with Pharmacy
Option is designed to better prepare students interested in careers in pharmacy for either Pharm.
D. or Ph.D. programs in pharmacology. Those choosing not to pursue advanced training in
graduate or pharmacy school generally find employment working in pharmaceutical industry
labs, government/health department labs, or in a pharmacy or hospital laboratory setting.
Additionally the BS Chemistry with Pharmacy option will greatly aid those individuals who seek
careers in pharmaceutical sales and marketing. Industries hiring chemists include, but are not
limited to, pharmaceuticals, foods, and the emerging biotechnology industry. Most studies
predict a shortage of chemists of all types, making job markets excellent for many years to come.

Articulation Agreement with University of Illinois-Chicago College of
Pharmacy: Western Illinois University has established an articulation agreement with the
University of Illinois Chicago-College of Pharmacy for implementation of guaranteed admission
of WIU students into the Doctorate of Pharmacy program at the UIC College of Pharmacy. The
conditions for retention and matriculation include that students earn a baccalaureate degree
within 5 years of freshman enrollment, complete specific pre-pharmacy coursework with a 3.5
GPA or higher, take the Pharmacy College admissions Test, and demonstrate an interest in
pharmacy through internship, research, etc.

For Your General Outlook: Required courses include Chem 201-2 Inorganic Chemistry I
& II (8 s.h.); Chem 331-2 Organic Chemistry I & II; (9 s.h.); Chem 341 Analytical Techniques
(3 s.h.); Chem 370 Elem Physical Chemistry (4 s.h.); Chem 421 Biochemistry (4 s.h.); Chem 422
Advanced Biochemistry (4 s.h.); Chem 263 Elem. Pharmacology (3 s.h.); Chem 264 Pharmacy
Methods; CHEM 463 Adv. Pharmacology; Either Chem 490 Senior Research (3 s.h.) or Chem
485 Internship; either Chem 363 Rational Drug Design or Chem 440 Elem Forensic Tech.; Chem
416 Chemical Literature (1 s.h.); Math 133 Calculus I (4 s.h.); either Stat 171 Elem Statistics or
Stat 276 Intro Prob and Stat.; Physics 124-5 (10 s.h.); either Zoology, Microbiology, or
Neuroscience Minor (19-21 s.h.).

For More Information: Contact the Department of Chemistry at (309)298-1538 or by
email at