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Dr. Steve Bennett

Dr. Steve Bennett, Associate Professor

Office: Tillman 109, (309) 298-1256

Ph.D. in geology from Indiana University with emphasis on surficial processes.

Specialization in field-based physical hydrogeologic studies and stream sediment transport.

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Dr. Kyle Mayborn

Dr. Kyle Mayborn, Professor

Office: Tillman 113, (309) 298-1577

Ph.D. in geology from University of California at Davis with emphasis in igneous and metamorphic petrology.

Specialization in petrologic and structural evolution of Precambrian dike swarms; basaltic magma evolution, and quantitative modeling of magmatic differentiation.

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Dr. Leslie Melim

Dr. Leslie Melim, Professor

Office: Tillman 112, (309) 298-1377

Ph.D. in geology from Southern Methodist University with emphasis on carbonate diagenesis and sedimentology.

Specialization in carbonate sedimentology and diagenesis, dolomitization, sedimentary petrography, sedimentary geochemistry, low-temperature isotope geochemistry, geomicrobiology of cave formations

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