College of Arts and Sciences

Geography, Geographic Information Science, and Meteorology Faculty



Samuel Thompson, Ph.D.

Chair and Professor

University of Akron

Office: Tillman Hall 312
Phone: 309/298-1648

Research Interests
  • Regional planning
  • City and development
  • Land use
  • Population dynamism
  • Regional geography

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Jongnam Choi, Ph.D.

Jongnam ChoiProfessor

University of Georgia

Office:Tillman Hall 308


Research interests
  • Synoptic meteorology
  • Applied climatology
  • Environmental sciences
  • Asian studies

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Yongxin Deng, Ph.D.

Yongxin Deng.Professor

University of Southern California

Office: Tillman Hall 410B
Phone: 309/298-2387


Research interests
  • GIS
  • Environmental modeling
  • Terrain analysis
  • Spatial analysis methods
  • Scale
  • Distribution of wind

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Redina Finch, Ph.D.
(formerly Redina Herman)

Redina FinchProfessor of Meteorology

University of Illinois

Office: Tillman Hall 410C
Phone: 309/298-1764

Research interests
  • Science Education using Technology
  • Science Education through Service Learning
  • Atmospheric Radiative Transfer
  • Atmospheric Dynamics

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Sunita George, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

University of Georgia

Office: Tillman Hall 401A
Phone: 309/298-2714

Research interests

Population geography and public health, obesity and food deserts in the U.S. South. Recently identified areas in the city of Montgomery that qualified as food deserts based on the distance residents have to travel in order to get to the nearest supermarket or grocery store vis a vis the distance they had to travel to other (less healthy) food outlets such as fast food restaurants and convenience stores. This research identified food imbalance regions in Montgomery, and examined the socio-economic profile of these neighbourhoods.

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Christopher Merrett, Ph.D.

Chris Merrett.Professor

University of Iowa

Office: Stipes 521
Phone: 309/298-2281

Research interests
  • Community Development
  • Cooperatives
  • Social justice

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Christopher Sutton, Ph.D.

Christopher Sutton.Professor

University of Denver

Office: Tillman Hall 306B
Phone: 309/298-2628


Research interests
  • Cartography/visualization
  • Urban geography
  • Transportation geography
  • Cultural geography

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