College of Arts and Sciences


Third Annual English Graduate Organization Conference 
November 10-11, 2006, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL

Keynote address: "Hearing Other Voices: Imagination and Identity in Just People" 
Prof. Michael Loudon, Eastern Illinois University.

The English Graduate Organization of Western Illinois University invites submissions for our third annual conference, "Representations of Indigenous Identity." This year, the conference addresses global culture. We seek to recover some of what is lost when we focus on a single language and dominant culture, and to recall one of the primary goals of a liberal arts education: engaging a diversity of languages, cultures, and peoples. We seek papers and panels that address a wide variety of representations of indigenous identity, especially those dealing with questions of authenticity. This year's theme allows a wide array of possible topics for scholarship:

  • Indigenous literatures, traditional canonicity and ethnocentricity
  • Representations of indigenous cultures in popular culture and media
  • Questions of citizenship, immigration, and border construction
  • Issues of nativity, residency, and authenticity
  • Scientific representations of culture and ethnicity
  • Diversity, identity and authenticity in liberal arts education
  • Native languages and individual identities
  • Xenophobia and issues of the "other," including the "melting pot"
  • Counter-cultural mobilizations of native authenticity and identity
  • Indigenous peoples, pedagogy and the development of literacy
  • Actualization of personal identity and authenticity, including gender identities
  • Museums and the objectification of indigenous cultures
  • Authenticity, nostalgia, and identity

The EGO conference is intended to explore all areas of English studies, including pedagogy, cultural studies, literary studies, and critical theory. We welcome interdisciplinary interest and participation, and encourage scholars from all areas of the humanities. Please send 500 word abstracts to by October 1, 2006. We welcome submissions by postal mail as well: English Graduate Organization, Department of English & Journalism, 1 University Circle, Macomb IL 61455-1390.